Below is our race schedule. Track details at bottom.
Races are hosted by CSM unless otherwise noted. Practice days are not hosted by CSM.

2021 Race Dates
Awards – TBD

Practice Dates

Check back for updates, practice dates will be added as they make sense. Don’t forget to check the track schedules if you’d like to go on your own – there is more practice time available!

3/27/2021 TCKC Open Practice

All of our race days will have approximately the same schedule. The race day order is one heat and one main, with the following class order:

  1. Asphalt-Only Expert
  2. Asphalt-Only Amateur (*may be combined with expert depending on turnout)
  3. Minis (with dirt)
  4. Vet 45
  5. Intermediate
  6. 250/400 Supermoto
  7. 450 Supermoto
  8. JR’s (with dirt)
  9. Veteran 30+
  10. Novice (aka beginner)
  11. Mini GP (Pavement only)
  12. Open

TCKC Track Schedule

Google map locations are provided below, just click on the track picture! For details, click the link above each track.

Tri Cities Kart Club

Click for location

3234 Twin Bridges Rd
Richland, WA

Bremerton Motorsports Park

BMP Logo

Click for location

7500 SW Old Clifton Rd
Port Orchard, WA