Run as many classes as you like for $115

Anyone less than 16 yo is $35, but the first kid is free with an adult entry!  Please reach out to us for pre-registration.

For 2018 we are using webscorer to handle pre-registration. While a great utility for us, there are some intricacies that might need explaining:

Pricing in Webscorer

  • 1 class will total to $110 in webscorer
  • 2 classes or more will total to $150
  • The $30 associated with a single day membership is waived for annual members
    • For Members: YOU MUST obtain your license number from Cascadia SM – This is your coupon code for registration! (
    • It is on your member ID if you have picked it up
    • This code is used when information is filled out, and can only be used one time
    • The pricing shows only an individual class UNTIL you are at the payment page


  • Click the registration link below
  • You will see a class list, each with a check box next to it (this is not the race order)
  • Click the check box next to each class you intend to race
  • Use green button at bottom to begin registration information and payment
  • There is a SEPARATE link for the minibike endurance registration
    • Register only once per team! (You will use one bike, and thus have one number)
  • You will need to click through an info page for each class you select. After entering your information once, you will just need to verify it for the following classes


  • Refunds are allowed up until a week prior to the event
  • Service fees incurred (webscorer and paypal) will not be refunded
  • Contact Case for refunds (

Day Of

  • Sign in, and sign our waiver sheet to get a wristband for the day
  • Spectators not allowed during covid times!
  • Enjoy the racing!