Racer Info


Ready to race? We want to get you on the track! Before you roll up to the starting line, there’s some critical information you need to have to be prepared for racing with Cascadia Supermoto.

For the impatient, we’ve got a quick guide to the rules right here:

How much does it cost?

Riders must be members of the club. Club memberships are available at any time during the season, and the price of a single-event membership can be put towards an annual membership if you want to keep racing.

What motorcycle can I race?

Anything that is:

  • A Supermoto, dual-sport, or off-road motorcycle. NO SPORTBIKES! Also nothing with more than two wheels, sorry.
  • No more than two cylinders.
  • Under 580cc if a twin-cylinder.

If your motorcycle meets these requirements, we will find three classes for you to ride in, no matter what you bring.

What are the classes?

What do I need to do to my bike?

  • Make sure it’s in good condition generally, with no leaks, working controls, and road-worthy tires.
  • Install handguards, foot peg sliders, and axle sliders if you don’t already have them.
  • Install a metal or plastic catch can with the radiator overflow, carb drain/vent tubes, and oil breather lines routed there. Yes, soda cans are OK.
  • Replace the antifreeze coolant with distilled water and Water Wetter. NO ENGINE ICE!
  • Safety wire the oil drain plug and external filter (if the bike has one).
  • Safety wire or wire-and-R-clip the oil fill cap.
  • Tighten and put a dab of silicone on oil filter cover bolts.
  • Remove your mirrors, license plate, and kickstand.
  • Tape up turn signals and taillights. If the headlight hasn’t been removed, unplug it and tape it up.

What do I need for protection?

  • All of the following are recommendations.  More is always better, but you are accepting your own responsibility for your choice in gear. Our minimum requirements are:
    • A newer-than-2005 full-face helmet (MX or road-race style).
    • Full-coverage gear that won’t shred (leather, cordura, etc), or armor underneath your MX gear. Leathers are strongly recommended but not required.
    • Good gloves
    • Sturdy boots. MX, road race, or Supermoto boots are strongly recommended.
    • Spine protection of some sort is highly recommended
    • Body armor and leathers are strongly recommended. Road rash hurts.


Quick guide to classes by motorcycle type

Supermoto Classes

Technical requirements

Mini classes

Supermoto Rulebook

Mini Endurance Rulebook