Why Membership?

Membership supports Cascadia SuperMoto’s effort to provide a consistent racing experience at each event. Membership also allows us to extend discounts to our annual members, to reduce the cost of racing. Membership is built around the idea of creating a reliable source for race needs, at a price not available elsewhere. The benefits of annual membership create a value that will more than cover the cost of membership.

Use the buy now button below, and pay for 1-year annual membership either using PayPal or CC on the site, or contact Case to pay in person.

You’ll receive a $10 gift card for rocky mountain ATV/MC just for signing up.

Please contact for questions about family membership pricing.


Enter Make/Model/Displacement:
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Currently we have the following benefits to offer you:

  • Rocky Mountain Race Gas Rewards (up to $150 every year)
  • Membership fee waived at each┬árace ($180 value)
  • 10% off crash protection at Toxic Moto Racing
  • 5% discount on graphics from Chaos Graphics
  • Labor discounted 10% and parts 20% from KFG Motorsports