Welcome to Cascadia Supermoto!


We host supermoto and mini racing in Washington and Northern Oregon. Our goal is to grow a club of racers in the Pacific Northwest.

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We are going racing!  October 3rd at Tri Cities Karting Club!

A few things to note:
1. There is a mini endurance race on Sunday with Cascadia Mini Moto & Endurance Challenge
To help encourage those riders to participate with us, for this round we have added a “mini – asphalt only” class.It  will run the same number of laps for the heats, but we will add some laps for the main.
We will also have our normal “Mini w Dirt class” as well (Thanks to all for your feedback on this!!)
Reminder; Mini’s can run in the Asphalt Amateur class as well.
2. To encourage everyone to get signed up, we’ll set grids by sign up order for this event.
3. We will have a promotion code for the Home2 Suites in the next couple days
4. Same Covid restrictions apply. No spectators still- but pit crew is allowed
5. Same pricing: $115 for adults as many classes as you want. $35 for kids
(first kid is free — contact Rick or I for a code)
If you guys have any feedback about how our last event went –especially if there are things we can improve, please ping Rick or myself.

Keep in mind, CONVID-19 virus is still a thing and we will have to live within the guidelines of wearing a mask in the pits and social distancing is still the norm. Spectators still aren’t allowed, but pit crew are. 

Details you need to be aware of:  https://coronavirus.wa.gov/…/2020-…/PhasedReopeningChart.pdf

We have decided to not have a championship points series — but still intend on putting on all the races we can. Each race will be a stand alone event and no one will pay a membership fee.

If you guys have any questions, ideas on places we might want to contact for additional race locations or other feedback, please contact us at info@cascadiasm.com

2020 Race Dates

Round 1 – 5/31/20 @ Bremerton – Canceled
Round 2 – 6/6/20 @ TCKC – Practice Day
Round 3 – 9/5/20 @ TCKC — Race Day
Round 4 – 10/3/20 @ TCKC

All Riders Welcome!

For a detailed day schedule, please consult the provisional rulebook.

Classes are posted in the Racer Info section of the site. We’re trying to simplify things, and would appreciate your feedback!

Rulebook Here

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