Oct 222016

Our inaugural season went fantastically. We couldn’t be happier with the support and quality of racing we’ve seen all year long.

Turnout was strong in the first half of the season. The second half was kicked off by a scorcher! 105F on the track, yikes! Not surprisingly, this kept a few racers at home. Turnout went back up in rounds 5 and 6 however. Overall, it’s been a complete success.

For the curious, here is an outline of our plans moving forward:

  • Timing and scoring:
    • In 2016 we utilized manual scoring, and provided no lap times etc. This works well, but when grids are 14+ it becomes a bit hectic for our scorers. They did a fantastic job all year, and we didn’t have any issues.
    • However, in 2017 we are hoping to implement a suitable RFID timing system. This will allow us to use fewer volunteer resources to score a race, as well as provide lap times so that our racers can monitor their performance.
    • Additionally, any timing system introduced will be paired with scoring and registration software. This again is to reduce the time required by volunteers to process all of our racers. It will also have the benefit of streamlining the process for racers, which currently is a bit clunky.
  • Schedule
    • The 2017 full schedule will not be available until January. We will race in Bremerton twice in 2017, as opposed to a single race. These are expected in June and August for the best chances at great weather!
  • Sponsors
    • We are working hard to incorporate title sponsors for 2017. We’re now a proven organization, and as such will benefit from the participation of sponsors. Early and increased income allows us to tackle necessary dirt work. This is a staple of our race series, and we expect to put more resources towards creating fun and exciting tracks as other aspects of the series are smoothed out. Sponsors help make this possible! If you’re interested in sponsorship or know somebody who is, please contact Case at case.isaac@cascadiasm.com


It’s been a pleasure racing with all of you this year. We cannot wait for the next season of racing!


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