Apr 212016

The Mini Endurance is an event that Cascadia Supermoto is hosting at our TCKC (Richland, WA) rounds after the supermoto races are done. It is exactly what it sounds like – a four hour endurance race for mini bikes, running on only the asphalt portion of the track.

What bike can I ride?

The mini endurance is for any four-stroke motorcycle under 200cc, and any two-stroke motorcycle under 85cc. This includes…anything! Fully-faired minis like YSR50s, mini motards, pit bikes, 50cc scooters – whatever you want to run. If it meets tech requirements, and is under the maximum displacement limits, you can run it.

What else do I need?

If you want to be scored, bring somebody with you who can score your team. Riders can switch off to do this if you need to. We may be able to find a scorer to help you if you really can’t find anybody.

Cool! When does this happen?

The mini endurance race will start at 6PM, and will run *UNDER THE LIGHTS* at TCKC until 10PM on Saturday after the supermoto races! The first race is Saturday, May 28!

What if I don’t have a bike, or a team?

If you’d like to ride but don’t have a bike or a team, please contact us at info@cascadiasm.com; we’re keeping track of teams that need riders, and riders that need teams, and we’ll do what we can to match you up.

So what are the rules?

We have four classes: Formula 100, Mini Sportsman / Grom, Mini Superbike, and Open. If you want to win, read the class rules. If you don’t care that much, just bring your mini out and prepare to have fun!

Information on classes can be found here: http://cascadiasm.com/racer-info/mini-classes/

This is an endurance race, not a relay race, so there will be *1 bike per team*. There can be *up to 8 riders per team*. Team entry cost is $100.

You will need to prepare your mini to pass tech inspection; please see our mini rule book at http://cascadiasm.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Cascadia-Supermoto-Mini-Endurance-Rule-Book-and-Information.pdf for more information.

Also, endurance racing has different rules – please do read the rulebook!

This sounds great, but I have questions, who do I contact?

Reply to us on Facebook, or contact us via email at info@cascadiasm.com.

Mar 012016

March is here already!

Here are some upcoming dates:

March 5th is the track cleanup day at TCKC. A number of us are already planning on being there.

March 12th is the track cleanup day at Mac Track. Case will be going there, hope to see more of you as well!

For those who joined the first group order for tires, that order was placed on Feb 19. We hope to have those in soon and will get them to you ASAP. For anybody else currently needing tires, please contact Case Isaac either via email, or on facebook. You can always message the Cascadia Supermoto page as well.

Practices will begin in March as well. We will update our schedule when we confirm available dates and plan to head to a particular location as a group. These will be great opportunities to learn from old hands, get help with tech requirements, and just shoot the breeze when not on track. If you’ve not received your tires by the time practice rolls around, you can also request to have them brought to the track and they’ll be there waiting for you!

Thanks to everybody who has signed up for membership already. There is only 1 month left of discounted membership pricing, currently only $65! If you and a spouse would both like to be members, we are offering a package deal of $100 which will include both of your memberships. Please contact Case if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

As always, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page, Supermotojunkie or PNWriders!




Feb 112016

Big news this month.

We’ve paired with Supermoto USA, to bring the AMA West Supermoto series to Mac Track in Mcminnville, OR. This will be a joint round, and count in the Cascadia Supermoto series as originally scheduled, as well as for the AMA west series.

If there is only one event you can make it to, it should be this AMA round! It’s going to be exciting, and really signals a turn around for the sport in the Northwest region.

We’ve also added a sponsor, Toxic Moto Racing. Toxic is a huge supporter of supermoto, and much appreciation goes their way for sponsoring us. Toxic Moto Racing is offering our members a 10% discount on crash protection. Once you’re a registered member, we’ll provide you details on taking advantage of this offer!

As always, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page, Supermotojunkie or PNWriders!


Jan 252016

Membership is live! Early pricing is available for a limited time, so take advantage of the pricing while it lasts!

Race prices for 2016 will be $80/first class, $35/second class. Any additional classes are free! Non-members will need a 20 dollar single day membership. The benefits of membership will save racers on total costs, check it out!

The schedule is also published, complete with locations. Mark your calendars because the time to race isn’t far away. The series opener will be at the end of May!

Coming up soon, we will organize a group buy for Metzeler tires. We’re a Metzeler dealer and will be offering the best pricing anywhere, to our members all season long.

Also, a big thanks to Dave and Debi for all of their work this winter.


As always, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page, Supermotojunkie or PNWriders.



Jan 142016

I expect to have another update in January as things get finalized.

You’ll notice a couple changes on the website.

First, the schedule has been updated. The new dates reflect our most realistic expectation of what the final schedule will be. There are now also 5 rounds instead of the original 6 that were planned. There are many things going on next year, and it made the most sense to us to remove a round, than to try and squeeze in too much at an inappropriate time. This is a good thing though! It ensures more racers at each weekend, and less conflict with other riding events. A couple of the dates are also now marked with asterisks, to denote that they are confirmed. We’re trying to allow folks to plan as much in advance as we can.

Secondly, we’ve added some of what will become the overall rule book. The race classes, and technical requirements are now available to be reviewed under the Racer Info tab. We hope you’ll review these to become familiar with the needs of our series, and to ask any questions that you have. We will compile an FAQ at some point, and include that with our racer information later on. Dave has put a lot of work into this, and we definitely appreciate his efforts!


Thanks for checking in, we are very close to being full steam ahead.

As always, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page, Supermotojunkie or PNWriders.



Dec 072015

We held a meeting on December 5th to discuss the series. These meetings happen periodically for us to continue to evaluate our needs and progress.
The main takeaway from this meeting is our scheduling. Racing on kart tracks leaves us subject to their race schedules, and as such we are waiting for those schedules to be locked in, before we are able to confirm our own dates. Currently, it looks like availability at all venues will be known in the first week of January. This is later than we had hoped, but is still plenty early.

Until our dates are confirmed, we will refrain from opening membership. The thought is to have everything in place when membership is made available. As a reminder, we will also begin ordering tires once membership is made available, and there will be plenty of time to ensure we can get tires to you at the best price possible.

Our rule book is nearly complete, and will be made available when it is. This will solidify any questions that have not yet been answered about race classes.

Thanks for being patient, May continues to get closer and we are all very excited to get racing!


And as always, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page, Supermotojunkie or PNWriders.




Nov 242015

We’re continuing to build the series. Partial dates and venues have been formed. Our team is meeting again on December 5th. At this time, we will be very near a final schedule – and thus membership opening.

When membership opens, it will be discounted for early sign ups, and discounted tire purchases will be available.


Stay tuned! Feel free to post questions on our Facebook page, Supermotojunkie or PNWriders. We’re active in all locations.

Thanks and take care.


Nov 022015

We expect to have membership details available in late December, along with a finalized schedule.

CSM is also a Metzeler tire dealer, and members can expect to get the best possible prices on these tires. These prices will only be announced and available to members. We will also have Pirelli tires for mini bike needs.

Stay posted, we’ll be sure to get everybody outfitted with what they need before the racing starts!



Oct 212015

Our first update.

The website is now accessible, as you can see. Expect things to get tweaked, pages to be added etc. There is still more information that needs to be created, and as things are completed they will be added to the site.

We’ve also created our facebook page, which you can see here. If you have some local race photos, or videos that you would like to share, please feel free to do so. Our page still needs a cover photo, and we’d gladly except an appropriate photo.

This weekend we have a meeting with the host of a third venue, and will share details once it is secured.



Oct 132015


I’m excited to prepare this series for 2016. Our work began several months ago, securing contacts, venues and insurance. There is still work to be done, but the majority of details are in place.

Cascadia Supermoto aims to become a not-for-profit organization. What this really means, is that we’ll be pushing to keep costs as low as possible for races, and putting any extra resources toward things like getting dirt sections built, improving timing equipment, and obtaining gear for the organization like loud speakers, flags and the like.

As we grow, so too will the experience we provide. This is the best shot at keeping northwest supermoto organized, with a consistent place for information, and racing. I look forward to seeing everybody during our race series.


– Case Isaac