Mar 212017

Practices have begun, and many of you are headed to stateline supermoto in a couple weeks! The season has begun in earnest.

We have two pieces of news to share with you here in March.

First, we have added a new board member, Mark Price. Mark will act as our mini coordinator. This will put a solid focus on the format and handling of our minis, especially with regard to the mini endurance races. We are lucky to have a very accommodating facility, and Mark will ensure we make the most of it. We will have our website updated with Mark’s contact information in the near future.

Secondly, we have a new sponsor! Motoshippers has joined us in 2017, and is putting up CASH for the Open SM class. $100 in cash will be up for grabs at every round in the main event. Additionally, Motoshippers is matching that cash with another $100 towards year-end awards! This support is going straight to the riders and will be sure to liven things up at the front of the pack! Be sure to check out if you have any need of shipping a vehicle, they are the ones to trust.


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