Jun 012016

This one will be short, and I’ll copy what was posted on our Facebook page afterward.

Round 1 was a complete hit. I think we far exceeded our expectations, and everything went reasonably well. We learned a lot as a team, and will continue to make things run smoother as we progress.

A huge thank you goes out to everybody that helped us with flagging and organization. It takes a lot of bodies to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely, and the help of of volunteers is immensely appreciated.


As always, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page, Supermotojunkie or PNWmoto!


Our post from facebook below:

Round 1 Report:

We were ready for a mild turnout, and to do some learning. Instead 40 riders showed up! 24 of you signed up for asphalt only, which made for two great heats and mains. The grids were well populated, and the racing looked good all day.

The weather was fantastic, and it really sounded like everybody had fun. Dave was glued to the gate and radio all day and Case was scrambling to get all the rider registrations in and crank out race lists and grids for our scorers.

We will continue to make adjustments and improvements, and really dedicated to providing the best experience we can for everybody coming to our races.

All in all we had a blast.

An enormous thank goes out to everybody that helped flag, score and otherwise just give us a hand. It takes many more bodies than you might think to make it all work, and we’re very lucky to have some dedicated friends willing to help us out.

Thank you all for coming out to race. And we will see you out at Bremerton in a few short weeks!!

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