Membership FAQ


Here are some common questions about membership

Is annual membership required to race?
NO. Annual membership supports CSM and racers a like. Without annual membership, a $20 single day membership is required on race day.

Does a single day membership grant me benefits?
No, this is a required cost of the series, and does not include the benefits of annual membership

Can I apply a single day membership to the full cost?
Yes, if you race with us, and later decide to become an annual member, we will happily credit you the single day value toward annual membership. (Max $40)

What’s the value in membership?
You’ll save $120 in race day costs. You’re able to receive rockymountainatv gift cards from practice events (1/month in addition to 1 for each race day). Discounts from our sponsors. Race tires will be available to you below MSRP. All of this more than covers the $100 cost of annual membership.

I heard about the race gas program, what do I have to do?
Make sure you sign in! On race day, any paid racer is eligible to receive this gift. For practices, only annual members are eligible.

How is membership controlled?
On race day we will utilize a membership roster. We may decide to create membership cards at a later time. When you sign up, the required information is used in our roster.

I have a membership with PKA/OSB or BC Supermoto, can I use that?
Yes, we support supermoto in our region! We will waive the single day fees for members of neighboring organizations. Other annual membership benefits are reserved for members of Cascadia Supermoto.