Apr 212016

The Mini Endurance is an event that Cascadia Supermoto is hosting at our TCKC (Richland, WA) rounds after the supermoto races are done. It is exactly what it sounds like – a four hour endurance race for mini bikes, running on only the asphalt portion of the track.

What bike can I ride?

The mini endurance is for any four-stroke motorcycle under 200cc, and any two-stroke motorcycle under 85cc. This includes…anything! Fully-faired minis like YSR50s, mini motards, pit bikes, 50cc scooters – whatever you want to run. If it meets tech requirements, and is under the maximum displacement limits, you can run it.

What else do I need?

If you want to be scored, bring somebody with you who can score your team. Riders can switch off to do this if you need to. We may be able to find a scorer to help you if you really can’t find anybody.

Cool! When does this happen?

The mini endurance race will start at 6PM, and will run *UNDER THE LIGHTS* at TCKC until 10PM on Saturday after the supermoto races! The first race is Saturday, May 28!

What if I don’t have a bike, or a team?

If you’d like to ride but don’t have a bike or a team, please contact us at info@cascadiasm.com; we’re keeping track of teams that need riders, and riders that need teams, and we’ll do what we can to match you up.

So what are the rules?

We have four classes: Formula 100, Mini Sportsman / Grom, Mini Superbike, and Open. If you want to win, read the class rules. If you don’t care that much, just bring your mini out and prepare to have fun!

Information on classes can be found here: http://cascadiasm.com/racer-info/mini-classes/

This is an endurance race, not a relay race, so there will be *1 bike per team*. There can be *up to 8 riders per team*. Team entry cost is $100.

You will need to prepare your mini to pass tech inspection; please see our mini rule book at http://cascadiasm.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Cascadia-Supermoto-Mini-Endurance-Rule-Book-and-Information.pdf for more information.

Also, endurance racing has different rules – please do read the rulebook!

This sounds great, but I have questions, who do I contact?

Reply to us on Facebook, or contact us via email at info@cascadiasm.com.

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