Dec 022017

Hello all!

2017 was another successful season, thank you for being part of it! A big congratulations to Colin Schilling – our Open SM class champion!

We are currently finishing our schedule for 2018, you can expect to see it announced in January!

As many of us do every year, we will be headed to Nevada in April for the Stateline Supermoto Challenge. We highly recommend you make the trip, as it is a very large, popular, multi-day event dedicated to supermoto racing. We’ll have a local practice before April for you to shake the cobwebs off with.

Until then, have a great winter and keep an eye out for announcements. If you need to get in touch with the community over the winter, check out our social pages below. Thanks again!

As always, feel free to post questions on our facebook page, and in our facebook group.

Mar 212017

Practices have begun, and many of you are headed to stateline supermoto in a couple weeks! The season has begun in earnest.

We have two pieces of news to share with you here in March.

First, we have added a new board member, Mark Price. Mark will act as our mini coordinator. This will put a solid focus on the format and handling of our minis, especially with regard to the mini endurance races. We are lucky to have a very accommodating facility, and Mark will ensure we make the most of it. We will have our website updated with Mark’s contact information in the near future.

Secondly, we have a new sponsor! Motoshippers has joined us in 2017, and is putting up CASH for the Open SM class. $100 in cash will be up for grabs at every round in the main event. Additionally, Motoshippers is matching that cash with another $100 towards year-end awards! This support is going straight to the riders and will be sure to liven things up at the front of the pack! Be sure to check out if you have any need of shipping a vehicle, they are the ones to trust.


Feb 232017

Welcome back!

Spring is nearly upon us, and we are gearing up for a great season. The schedule is posted, expect more practice days to be outlined as time goes on. You are encouraged to check out individual facilities’ own schedules as well.

March 4th we will be participating in a track clean up day at TCKC. They are always a very gracious host to us, and we would appreciate your help in taking care of the great facility they have.

There will be minor changes to the rule book this year, so keep an eye out for an update from us when that occurs. Functionally, most elements of the day will remain the same or very similar to last year. We were very eager to get a timing system for 2017, but it will be postponed until 2018 currently. We want to make sure we bring in the correct system, with all of the proper elements, which means it is more expensive than originally budgeted for. This year, we will race twice at Bremerton, and will configure the track CCW for both rounds. The kart tracks we use are both clockwise, so this will help change up the feel, and improve tire life!

So far in the pre-season, we are definitely seeing growth in terms of membership. Many new bikes have been purchased, and we expect to see quite a new faces frequenting the pits and track. This means only good things for racing. For those of you that are new to our organization, please feel free to send us an email! We will likely try to hold an informal new racer school in April if time permits. It is our responsibility to keep everybody informed and safe, but we will appreciate your help in seeking us out if you feel you are missing some details.

We’re looking forward to seeing everybody on the track again!

Oct 222016

Our inaugural season went fantastically. We couldn’t be happier with the support and quality of racing we’ve seen all year long.

Turnout was strong in the first half of the season. The second half was kicked off by a scorcher! 105F on the track, yikes! Not surprisingly, this kept a few racers at home. Turnout went back up in rounds 5 and 6 however. Overall, it’s been a complete success.

For the curious, here is an outline of our plans moving forward:

  • Timing and scoring:
    • In 2016 we utilized manual scoring, and provided no lap times etc. This works well, but when grids are 14+ it becomes a bit hectic for our scorers. They did a fantastic job all year, and we didn’t have any issues.
    • However, in 2017 we are hoping to implement a suitable RFID timing system. This will allow us to use fewer volunteer resources to score a race, as well as provide lap times so that our racers can monitor their performance.
    • Additionally, any timing system introduced will be paired with scoring and registration software. This again is to reduce the time required by volunteers to process all of our racers. It will also have the benefit of streamlining the process for racers, which currently is a bit clunky.
  • Schedule
    • The 2017 full schedule will not be available until January. We will race in Bremerton twice in 2017, as opposed to a single race. These are expected in June and August for the best chances at great weather!
  • Sponsors
    • We are working hard to incorporate title sponsors for 2017. We’re now a proven organization, and as such will benefit from the participation of sponsors. Early and increased income allows us to tackle necessary dirt work. This is a staple of our race series, and we expect to put more resources towards creating fun and exciting tracks as other aspects of the series are smoothed out. Sponsors help make this possible! If you’re interested in sponsorship or know somebody who is, please contact Case at


It’s been a pleasure racing with all of you this year. We cannot wait for the next season of racing!


Sep 112016

We’re five rounds down, and just one to go.

It’s been an amazing season. Our team has learned a lot. But we can say it’s been a total success. We want to go out in style in round 6! At the same track for the opener, we were just shy of 40 riders. Help us push that number up and over, and get racers back on the track! Ocotober 1st at TCKC is the finale.

the MINI ENDURANCE is also still happening! In the evening after the sprint races, get as many laps in as you can with your team from 6pm – 10pm. You don’t have to ride the full 4 hours – just get in as many laps as you can! If you need a team, reach out to us on our facebook page, group or simply email us. We’d love to see you there!

Thanks again for all of our returning racers. Participation is what makes this possible, and we have been really making the northwest region proud. People are taking notice, and the numbers are going to continue to grow! We’ve already seen new faces mid season, and the lead packs are getting faster every race.

ALSO, October 15th in Renton, WA we will be having a season send-off banquet. We will award the top-3 points winners in each class with their appropriate etched awards. We’ll also be raffling off prizes.. and then you can expect to see margaritas getting ordered.

Aug 152016

Round 2 of the Cascadia Mini Endurance Challenge is here! Four hours of big fun on little bikes at night under the lights of Tri Cities Kart Track. After the supermoto racing is done, don’t go home, stay a while and drag a knee at the Mini Endurance Challenge!

Cascadia Mini Endurance Challenge

Jun 292016

To cover any questions you might have about our big Round 3 event, check out the full schedule here:

Prelim SCHEDULE Announced – below (additional details to follow) AMA Supermoto West Round 3 – MAC Track – McMinnville OR.
Saturday 7/16
8:00am Gates open
8:30am Rider Registration and Tech Inspection
9:15am – 10:40am Free Practice 10:45 Riders Meeting 11:10 Premier Timed Qualifying (13 Minutes)
11:30 Heat races
2:30 Main Events
Race order: (subject to change, times are approximate, some classes may be combined)
1. CSM – 450 (6 lap Heat/8 lap Main)
2. AMA – Lightweight / CSM 250 (6 lap Heat/8 lap Main)
3. AMA – Amateur Open / CSM Novice (6 lap Heat’s/8 lap Main)
4. AMA – Mini SM / CSM Mini (6 lap Heat/8 lap Main)
5. CSM – Junior (5 lap Heat/6 lap Main)
6. AMA – Vet 35 (6 lap Heat/8 lap Main)
7. AMA – Asphalt Moto / CSM (6 lap Heat/8 lap Main)
8. AMA – Premier Unlimited (6 lap Heats/12 lap Main) – PRO PUR$E !
9. CSM – Sportsman (6 lap Heat/8 lap Main)
10. CSM – Open Advanced (6 lap Heat/8 lap Main)
~ Heat race Grid positions will be based Series points, then order of sign ups for all classes except Pro ~
Entry Fees: $85/$35, Premier $125 – Gate Fee/Pit Pass $10. $20 1 Day license, IF you are not a Cascadia SM, SMUSA & OSB club member.

Sunday 7/17
8:00am Gates open
8:30am Rider Registration and Tech Inspection (not required if done on Saturday)
9:30am – 10:15am Free Practice (for anyone signed up to race) 10:35 Riders Meeting
11:00 Racing begins
1. Open Mini (All Asphalt)
2. Youth Mini (All Asphalt)
3. Taste of Supermoto / Beginners (Full Course)
4. Women only Race
5. 1 hr Team Race – Open (Full Course) – North vs South Challenge – LeMans start
6. 1 hr Team Race – Mini’s (Full Course) Sunday Entry fees: $60. Team Race $85. Per team (up to 4)

Jun 012016

This one will be short, and I’ll copy what was posted on our Facebook page afterward.

Round 1 was a complete hit. I think we far exceeded our expectations, and everything went reasonably well. We learned a lot as a team, and will continue to make things run smoother as we progress.

A huge thank you goes out to everybody that helped us with flagging and organization. It takes a lot of bodies to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely, and the help of of volunteers is immensely appreciated.


As always, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page, Supermotojunkie or PNWmoto!


Our post from facebook below:

Round 1 Report:

We were ready for a mild turnout, and to do some learning. Instead 40 riders showed up! 24 of you signed up for asphalt only, which made for two great heats and mains. The grids were well populated, and the racing looked good all day.

The weather was fantastic, and it really sounded like everybody had fun. Dave was glued to the gate and radio all day and Case was scrambling to get all the rider registrations in and crank out race lists and grids for our scorers.

We will continue to make adjustments and improvements, and really dedicated to providing the best experience we can for everybody coming to our races.

All in all we had a blast.

An enormous thank goes out to everybody that helped flag, score and otherwise just give us a hand. It takes many more bodies than you might think to make it all work, and we’re very lucky to have some dedicated friends willing to help us out.

Thank you all for coming out to race. And we will see you out at Bremerton in a few short weeks!!

May 262016

Attention, racers! Our race day schedule has changed, based on pre-registrations, to try and reduce the number of back-to-back classes that any given rider will have. The rulebook has been updated with this new schedule, and a printable one-page schedule is available here.


07:45			Registration Opens
08:00			Tech Inspection Opens
08:50			Rider’s Meeting
09:00			Practice – Slow, Fast, Mini
10:00			Sportsman
10:15			Junior
10:30			Novice
10:45			Minis
11:00			Asphalt Only
11:15			Taste of Supermoto
11:30			Supermoto 450
11:45			Supermoto 250
12:00			Open Advanced/Pro

LUNCH – 12:15 to 1:15
1:20PM			Sportsman
1:40PM			Junior
2:00PM			Novice
2:20PM			Minis
2:40PM			Asphalt Only
3:00PM			Taste of Supermoto
3:20PM			Supermoto 450
3:40PM			Supermoto 250
4:00PM			Open Advanced/Pro
4:45PM			Awards Ceremony
May 022016

Round 1 is just around the corner. May 28th, at TCKC in Richland, WA.

Web registration is open. We’re using webscorer, made by a local company in Woodinville, WA. It isn’t a perfect match, but it certainly does what we need it to do. That said, should you feel confused using web registration, just send us a message and we’ll help you out.

CSM members! Don’t forget, the $20 membership fee is waived, IF you are a member. To make sure you’re getting that discount, you’ll use your license number as a discount code during registration. Don’t have your license number? Contact us and we will tell you what it is!

If you’re a current BC supermoto or OSB member, we will waive the $20 membership fee on race registration. You’ll need to contact Case or send us a message on facebook and we’ll get you sorted out and supply you an appropriate code to use online. We really want to see everybody racing, and recognizing other organizations in the area is our way of helping to make racing happen.

We’ve had questions about race classes now that things are about to happen, and we’ve decided to postpone any further changes until after Round 1. If enough people are utilizing web registration, we can even make appropriate adjustments before round 1. This is a help us, help you situation. We definitely prefer to see thing stabilize, and delaying some possible changes gives us time to see what is actually working. Bear with us, we’re committed to providing the best possible SM racing we can.

Can’t wait to see you out there!


As always, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page, Supermotojunkie or PNWmoto!